Dor Shany
May 7, 2023

Embracing the Passwordless Revolution: Google's Passkeys and the Future of Authentication

Last week, Google made a groundbreaking announcement: the release of passkeys for all Google account holders. This means that over 1 billion users can now sign into their accounts with just a single tap on their device, no password or two-factor authentication required. Read Google's announcement here.

So why is this development such a significant stride towards a passwordless future?

Adoption: As users become accustomed to the seamless and secure experience of signing in with passkeys, they will expect this level of convenience and security from every digital brand they interact with.

When considering how to best deploy or implement passkeys, it's essential to remember that Google isn't the only major tech player in this field. Both Apple and Microsoft have shown support for creating an easier and more secure alternative to passwords for their devices. This raises a critical question: how can organizations deploy passkeys in a way that accommodates all devices and platforms across every aspect of the customer's digital journey?

Enter OwnID. Recognizing that the passwordless revolution is upon us, OwnID has made it their mission to simplify the integration of passkey technology into sites, apps, or devices. OwnID enables organizations to offer a One-Click login experience to every end user, regardless of the device, operating system, browser, or digital channel, all within a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

OwnID's goal is straightforward: eliminate the primary obstacle to sign-in and boost authentication conversions, enabling organizations to truly know their customers and offer them a competitive, differentiated experience.

Despite Google's recent passkey announcement, OwnID has already been assisting customers in reducing friction and providing an elegant login experience for quite some time.

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