Daniel Idlis
January 25, 2023

Why You Should Adopt Passwordless Authentication for Your Application

Passwordless authentication, which uses biometric methods to verify identity, is becoming increasingly important to improve security and privacy. As more and more websites and apps adopt passwordless authentication, it is clear that this technology will shape the future of online access.

As personal data breaches and data commercialization continue to be major concerns, the importance of strong authentication methods in applications has become increasingly clear. In recognition of this recommendation, Gartner has named Passwordless Authentication the most impactful technology of 2022. By implementing a passwordless authentication solution, you can improve the security of your application while also prioritizing the privacy of your users.

Passwordless authentication refers to the ability to validate the user without requiring a password. A common example is biometric authentication, which uses physical characteristics such as facial features (Apple’s FaceID for example) or fingerprints (like Samsung’s ultrasonic sensor) to verify identity. Many smartphones today come equipped with biometric sensors that allow users to unlock their phones using this method, providing both a convenient user experience and a high level of security.

Despite the widespread use of biometric authentication on personal devices, many companies still struggle to eliminate the use of passwords in their products due to the complexity of developing a complete solution that covers all possible edge cases while maintaining a good user experience. This is where OwnID comes in.

OwnID is a software solution that utilizes the power of FIDO technology to completely eliminate the need for passwords. With OwnID, users can register and log in using their phone's biometric authentication methods, such as facial recognition or a fingerprint reader.

What does OwnID offer?

We have all seen registration and login forms before. OwnID adds a cool little button to your forms that allows users to register and login using their phone’s biometrics:

When trying to log in using a device that supports a biometric authentication method, your phone will prompt you to use that method:

OwnID's passwordless widget

Once the authentication is successful, the OwnID process is complete and you are instantly logged in and redirected to the next page. This passwordless approach offers convenience and enhanced security for users.

The login process looks exactly the same: you enter your email address and click the OwnID widget to authenticate. After completing the process, you will be instantly logged in.

OwnID employs the use of device biometrics such as fingerprints and facial recognition, available on both phones and laptops/desktops. If a device does not have biometric capabilities, OwnID will send a verification code as an alternative. Additionally, OwnID offers a QR code option that allows the user to authenticate using their phone's biometrics while accessing a different device.

OTP Confirmation screen

Existing users who already have a password can also choose to switch to passwordless authentication using OwnID. Adopting this technology not only improves security and privacy, but also provides a seamless and convenient user experience.

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  1. Increase your identified user count
  2. Improve checkout conversion rate by reducing user steps
  3. Improve your users’ mobile experience
  4. Significantly reduce the amount of support tickets you get

Passwordless authentication is becoming increasingly popular as more and more websites and apps are adopting this type of authentication as a more user-friendly alternative to traditional password-based authentication. With the rise of biometric authentication methods, passwordless authentication is not only more secure, but also offers a better user experience and reduces the reliance on password management systems. As a result, businesses that implement passwordless authentication solutions like OwnID can expect to see an increase in security, user satisfaction, and conversion rates. With the growing demand for passwordless authentication, it is clear that this technology is here to stay and will continue to shape the future of online access.

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