Dor Shany
November 28, 2022

The impact going passwordless with Passkeys can have on your website

Considering implementing Passkeys passwordless authentication on your website? Here are a few examples of the impact it can have.

We’ve all been there. Users visit your website and try to log in, only to realize they've forgotten the password. Or maybe new subscribers and can’t remember which email address they used to sign up. In either case, the situation is frustrating and always leads to users dropping out and a higher overall abandonment rate. But it doesn’t have to be like this. If you’re looking for an easy way to remove passwords from your website altogether, Passkeys might be the answer you’ve been looking for—and it’s easier than most people think!

Passwordless authentication allows business leaders to reduce and even completely eliminate the need to use passwords on their websites. Passwords are one of the top reasons users drop off during a checkout process or a login flow. Remembering passwords is not easy when each user has many accounts, each requiring a different password. Moreover, passwords are easily hacked, and the list of leaked passwords from different websites just keeps growing. As a website owner, you face a challenge. Do you make passwords more complicated for your users and effectively reduce your website performance, or will you make it easier for the users to create an account, log in and check out? By implementing passwordless authentication, you get the best of both worlds.

Here are a few ways Passkeys can impact your website:

Reduced user drop rate and improved conversion rate

In today’s world of digital (in)security, it’s no surprise that people are hesitant to share their personal information online. Passwords are an often-used method of authentication, but they can be a hassle to remember, and they create a barrier between your website or app and your customers. When you go passwordless with Passkeys, you’re reducing drop rate, increasing conversion rate, and driving more sales by eliminating the need for passwords all together.

But those aren’t the only benefits that come with using Passkeys. With less friction between your users and your site or app, you’ll also see an increase in user retention rates as well as user satisfaction, which will help boost conversions even further!

Better user experience

If you want to reduce friction for returning visitors, Passkeys can be a great tool. When users are returning to your website, they’re almost certainly familiar with the site, and thus shouldn’t have to re-enter their password every time they visit. By eliminating this step, you help streamline the user experience and make it easier for them to convert on your site.

Passkeys are also useful when it comes to reducing friction for new visitors. If at any time a new visitor arrives at your site and doesn’t have an account set up yet, they can easily create an account right away without having any barriers standing in the way of converting!

Users unlock their phones with biometrics all the time. It’s easy and fun, and can be used to authenticate their identity with any platform and website. Eliminating the need to set up a password improves the user experience dramatically. Users are no longer required to match password validation rules and remember dozens of passwords; instead, they can use Passkeys to register and log in.

Improved security

You’ve probably noticed the use of passwords declining. They’re no longer necessary to protect your personal data, and they can be more of a pain than they’re worth. The future belongs to passwordless interactions: an alternative authentication method that requires no password entry or storage at all.

Passwords are not secure enough because they are often reused across multiple accounts, making them easy targets for hackers looking to take control of someone’s online life by compromising just one account. Passwords are also hard to remember, meaning users have to write them down somewhere or copy and paste them into fields as they go along—which opens up other security issues if someone finds this information in plain sight (or worse yet, it gets shared with others).

Different from passwords, Passkeys are resistant to phishing, are always strong, and are not shared or stored on different databases. When a user sets up a passkey, a key is generated and synchronized to the cloud. When the user connects from another device in the same ecosystem, it will use the same key. Each time a passkey is authenticated, a unique signature is generated, which expires within minutes.

OwnID is an identity and authentication solution that uses a minimalistic button to replace passwords. Our complete end-to-end platform works across device types and domain restrictions, including cross-OS, cross-device, and cross-domain authentication. It supports Passkeys and integrates with all login platforms.

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